The Agriturismo Ruspina is located in Nulvi, the historic region of Anglona. The area was inhabited in the Paleolithic, in the Nuragic period and more recent in Roman era. In Nulvi there is a very important presence of Nuraghe (between 70 and 100) of archaeological sites and places of worship.

A few steps away from the Agriturismo Ruspina you can admire the Nuraghe Alvu (White Nuraghe), it is one of the most interesting Nuraghe of the whole territory for its unusual construction techniques and for the use of two different types of blocks.

A few minutes drive from the Agriturismo Ruspina you can visit the Nuraghe Irru, one of the nuragic buildings used for worshiping the most characteristic and mysterious waters of all of Sardinia. The sacred well discovered in the late 80's is certainly worth a visit to admire the details and the skill with which it was built.

On August 14th in Nulvi there is an unmissable event: in the historic center, in honor of theVergine Assunta, the three majestic Candelieri di Nulvi parade.On the afternoon of August 14th, the path starts from the church of San Filippo Neri where the Candelieri are kept during the year, up to the main street of the town. The last part of the path called Sa Falada de Sos Candeleris (the descent of the Candelieri).

Among the various religious architectures of particular interest are:

- Church of Maria Assunta

- Church of Santa Croce

- Church of San Filippo

- Church of Nostra Signora del Rosario

- Church of San Bonaventura

- Church of Santa Tecla

- Church of Nostra Signora di Monte Alma

- Church of San Giovanni Battista

- Church of Spirito Santo




The megalithic altar of Monte d'Accoddi, the house of the fairies of Sedini, the white donkeys of Asinara Isle, the Antiquarium Turritano, the sacred Well Irru, the caves and the quarries of Ferrainaggiu, the Nuraghe White, the rock of the elephant, the rock altar of Santo Stefano, the valley of the mills, the petrified forest, the dolmen of Mores, the Malaspina Castle, the majestic Candelieri of Nulvi, the thousand-year-old olive trees of S. Baltolu. No, they are not places taken from a work by Tolkien or from a book by Isaac Asimov, they are just some of the many places that can be visited near the Agriturismo Ruspina.

The location is one of the many features that distinguish our company.They are just some of the many places that can be visited near the Agriturismo Ruspina. The Agriturismo Ruspina is located in the center of northern Sardinia, who stay at our Agriturismo to reach places full of charm every day, places where the traces of a glorious past they have remained intact up to today.

The wonderful beaches that are just a few minutes drive from our Agriturismo, are ideal for relaxing, for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

In addition, near our Agriturismo there are beautiful places for those who love culture and tradition, photography, archeology, trekking, climbing.


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